Omega Pro – Eric Worre and Steven Seagal Endorsement?

OmegaPro had a company event back in January that featured MLM Coach and Trainer Eric Worre who did an ‘in depth’ speech and the presence of Hollywood Super star, reality star and Police Officer Steven Seagal.

Eric Worre has been a respected trainer in the Network Marketing Industry for years.

He has a company called Network Marketing Pro.

Here you can see him in front of live audience being featured on the big screen:


He spent what appeared to be over an hour long speech geared on promoting the idea of network marketing.

The Problem?

Omegapro is an illegal investment opportunity promising 200% ROI that is not legal or registered anywhere in the world.

On top of that, they claim all sorts of revenue creating activities but have never proven any of them.

The only revenue that can be seen going through the Omegapro platform is from Network Marketing Recruitment.

Worre should know better.

He is respected by tons of network marketers and leaders worldwide.

But his appearance at the Omegapro event shows that he more cares about profit than legitimacy.

Then there’s Steven Segal.

He has made a ton of movies since I was a child.

He even is a New Mexico Sherriff’s Deputy:

Steven Seagal – New Mexico Deputy

You would think that this guy (being not only a big Hollywood Actor, Zen Master and even a Police Officer) should know better than to be associating with an Investment Scam. Apparently he doesn’t care.

And if that’s the case, then he more cares about the money than the ‘honor’ he represented in this past.

Here you can see him front and center live at an Omegapro Event:

Steven Seagal With Fellow Ponzi Promoting Sheiks at Omegapro Event

Thousands and thousands of ‘hopeful’ get rich people see guys like Worre and Seagal and think too themselves that Omegapro must be really legit if these guys are here.

However, Steven has been involved with ponzi schemes in the past:

1- Bitcoiin (B2B Pump and dump MLM Coin Scheme) Ambassador

Segal was promised $250,000 and $750,000 worth of tokens but ended up getting fined $330,000 by the SEC back in 2018 (after the mlm ponzi scheme collapsed and exit scammed leaving a ton of people in deep losses).

2- Skyway Capital (another ponzi) Steven showed up again in 2019 in a big marketing promo.

And now in 2022 he apparently hasn’t learned his lesson.

Then there’s the story of Kevin Kuranyi (famous German soccer player / footballer)…


According to Wikipedia...

Kevin Dennis Kurányi Rodríguez is a German former professional footballer. He played as a striker and possessed great aerial ability and finishing skills. From 2003 to 2008, Kurányi was part of the German national team, for which he scored 19 goals in 52 games.

Nowadays the new trend from people who have a ton of following seems to be ‘greed’ based.

All three of these guys seem to care more about being paid big money than the damage that is done when the ponzi scheme collapses.

Millions of people will lose Billions of dollars in Omegapro when it finally exit scams due to ‘recruitment’ dying off.

Omegapro has been around since 2019 but have changed their name and hook over the past 2 years to keep them going.

But eventually they will end in demise after the finite number of gullible investors are exhausted.

So far this year (after these 3 listed above) Chuck Norris and Steven Wozniak of Apple have been caught endorsing ponzi schemes.

Norris and Wozniak staff most likely failed to investigate fully the illegal organizations they were paid to briefly endorse.

But these celebrity endorsements seem to be a going trend to attract a huge get rich audience who believe legitimacy by association is a real thing.

But in the end the great majority of ponzi scheme investors will lose most of their hard earned money.

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