Optimus Money Review – Legit 1% Daily or AI Bot Scam?

optimus money review

Optimus Money claims to be a ‘decentralized’ algorithmic trading protocol built on the polygon block chain.

In other words…

It’s another push button app system that runs off of AI Intelligence built by some ‘unknowns’ in India.

According to them…

Optimus is an AI trading bot that was trained on real historical market data. Optimus automatically executes profitable trades, earning an average return of 1% every single day.

Optimus Money The Company:

There is no information about who owns or runs this system on their website.

The domain optimus.money was privately registered on August 31, 2022.

Affiliates claim there are 3 guys behind this platform called “Defi Dude, Tuna and Rusty”.

It kind of reminds me of another deal where some guy called Forex Shark was the go to ‘expert’ guy in the Drip Network (but with low key call signs).

Traffic started pouring into their website back in August:

optimus money visitors

Top Traffic to Optimus Money:

top traffic to optimus money

Optimus Money Hides Affiliate Program (MLM Comp Plan):

Just like the recent collapsed Stable Fund program, Optimus Money affiliates are openly promoting on you tube saying stuff like there is no affiliate program.

Here are some of the affiliates:

optimus money affiliate program

Cost To Join?

1-Affiiates join for free

2- Passive investors must invest into USDT and then swap for Opt3 Tokens

How Does Optimus Money Work?

1- Passive investors get lured in by affiliates and MLM Distributors (who claim there is no affiliate program).

2- Investors have to exchange USDT for Opt3 Tokens

3- AI bots trade and pass 1% gains to investors wallets

They claim that there is no fees or taxes placed on passive investors.

Important Notes:

The anonymous people behind this Optimus Money trading platform are ‘Yield Farmers’ who earn lucrative fees (0.3%) for every swap (transaction) that takes place on quick swap


Does a Optimus.Money scam exist?

Let’s look at the facts:

1- Anonymous owners

2- Promise of 1% daily; Crypto is a very volatile market as is with trading and no one can ‘promise’ you 1% daily.

3- Hidden MLM Comp Plan: The very people who are publicly promoting optimus money (and other systems that have already collapsed) are openly saying their is no affiliate program.

But it is there but just hidden from their main website.


So that no one will call them out saying that Optimus.Money will eventually collapse after ‘network marketing recruitment’ dries up.

4- Not Registered with any Securities Regulator any where in the world.

5- Unsustainable ROI:

If Defi dude, Rusty and Tuna could come up with some magical bot that could gain 1% daily, why would they need affiliates promoting on you tube?

Why would they need an MLM Comp Plan?

Why would they need some random stranger like you?

Once network marketing recruitment dries up, Optimus Money will collapse leaving the anonymous people running off with the Lion Share of invested funds and the majority of investors in deep losses.

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