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In this Orion Finance (orionfinance.org) Review, find out more about this company, products, investment plans and overall legitimacy of this system.

Type Of System: MLM / Passive Crypto Investment / HYIP

Orion Finance The Company:

They claim that they have been around since 2013 but that is not true.

Their website was privately registered using namescheap on June 09, 2021.

At time of this review, most of the traffic going to Orion Finance is coming from:

  • Russia18.6%
  • Colombia13.4%
  • Ukraine8.3%

There is no information about who owns or runs this company on their website (orionfinance.org).

On their website, this is what they claim…

Orion Finance is a platform for the alternative accumulation and distribution of cryptocurrency liquidity in the services and technologies of the DeFi industry through an innovative system of smart contracts.

Thanks to our experts, accumulated experience, and innovative tools, we have made a breakthrough and provide access to the modern industry in just a few clicks.

They show no evidence that any of this is happening.

They don’t tell you who their experts are.

I had to go over to their you tube channel and they are listing a guy by the name of Brian McCrory as their CEO.


This gentleman (Brian) has what seems to be an American Accent.

The other Orion Finance Videos have people with Euro accents narrating their content.

There is no digital footprint of Brian McCrory outside of Orion Finance.

There are a bunch of other semi bald and bald guys who have the same name and legitimate bios (see my review video lower below) on Google who are solid.

But for Orion Finance’s version of Brian, I am going to have to go with paid actor pretending to be CEO (which is quite common with these HYIP systems).

Orion Finance Product Line:

They have no retail able products or services.

Affiliates have to market their memberships directly.

Orion Finance Compensation and Investment Plan:

Investors invest USDT, BTC, ETH or TRX for an advertised passive return.


Investment Plans from $100 to $100,000 and a promise of up to 0.4 to 1.4% Daily Passive Return:

  • Profit 0.7-1.4% per day
  • Minimal investment from 100 $
  • Minimal withdrawal 10 $
  • Binary bonus 5-12%
  • Linear bonus 3-6% for 3 levels of depth

Cost to Join Orion Finance:

1- Free (network marketers and affiliates) but only earn referral commissions

2- Minimum investment of $100 (passive investors)


Get All The Facts – Watch Full Orion Finance Review:

Is Orion Finance (orionfinance.org) a Legitimate Investment or Scam?

Let’s look at the facts:

1- Anonymous Owners

2- Fake CEO (paid actor)

3- No proof of any revenue outside of Network Marketing

4- Unsustainable ROI


If these anonymous people from Orion Finance could actually make up to 1.4% daily, why would they need to solicit random strangers on line?

More importantly

Why would they need a Network Marketing comp plan?

If they could do what they claim, all these experts need to do is go to the bank, take out a huge investors loan and silently make Billions for themselves.

This concludes my Orion Finance (orionfinance.org) Review.

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