Intelligence Prime Capital Review – Legit 45% Monthly ROI or Scam?


In this Intelligence Prime Review, find out if you can really earn up to 45% ROI or if it just another investment scam set up to rip you off.

Intelligence Prime Capital The Company:

They claim…

Who We Are–IPCAPITAL is an international Fintech company that provides financial services to hundreds and thousands of users around the world, upholding the principles of professionalism, innovation, and integrity to serve the financial market.

We are fully licensed with all relevant regulatory authorities, and hold a digital asset management license that allows us to provide users with a one-stop diversified digital asset service platform.
Other operations include R&D into the future of Fintech, such as quantitative trading, leveraged AI analysis systems, cloud storage systems and enterprise-management software’s.

None of this could be verified.

So far these are all ‘just’ claims.

The domain “” was first on June 07, 2021 using incomplete details but what stood out to me was they indicated that the province was ‘Ontario’.

This would indicate that who ever is really running this platform may be in Ontario, Canada.


They claim that they have been around since 2006 but in truth is they have only been around since June 2021.

Unfortunately with this investment platform, we are not off on a good start.

The company has some clear red flags right from the get go.

Please keep in mind that sometimes after I make a review, owners usually make changes to their platform.

Intelligence Prime Capital CEO is Dr. Val Ng Sh as you can see in the following image I too from their You Tube Channel:

Dr. Val Ng Sh – CEO

Dr. Val is filmed in front of what looks like a ‘fake rented office’ set up.

He turns out to be a fake CEO played by an actor who appears to reading off of a script.


There is no digital foot print of him outside of the Intelligence Prime Capital website.

Then there is the COO – Stefan Walter:


He turns out to be another fake ‘made up’ identity.


Because there is no digital footprint on this guy and then based on the marketing material that they published, Mr. Walter Stefan was vice president of Eastern Central Bank.

Here is the real Stefan Walter:


On their footer of their website, an address is displayed as 1 YONGE STREET, SUITE 1304 TORONTO ON M5E 1W7.

A Google search confirms they are not listed at that address.

They are using Toronto Star (newspaper companies) address:



They claim to be registered, but unfortunately don’t show any registration with the Ontario Securities Commission (Securities Regulator for Ontario):


At time of me doing this article review, most of the traffic going to Intelligence Prime Capital is from

Visitors by Country

🇺🇸 United States

🇳🇬 Nigeria

🇲🇽 Mexico

Intelligence Prime Capital Products:

They don’t have any retail able products or services.

However, they do have a Network Marketing Comp Plan and affiliates can market their memberships directly.

Compensation and Investment Plans:

Investors are instructed to invest in increments of $100 and up for an AI Trader Bot.

**All deposits must be paid in BTC or USDT.

They have 3 different subscription plans for software’s:

1- Smart Bot: Cost $19.90 per month and promises 15% ROI per month.

2- Brilliant Bot: Cost $39.90 per month and promises 30% ROI per month.

3- Genius Bot: Cost $99.90 per month and promises 45% ROI per month.

**Fee of 20% for all withdrawals

**Pays out only on weekends

Referral Commissions:

Affiliates and Distributors get paid a 10% fee on all downline investments (recruitment).


Affiliates can earn residual commission and it is based on a unlilevel comp plan.

Cost To Join Intelligence Prime Capital:

Minimum investment of $100 plus one of the subscriptions starting at $19.90 per month.


Does a Intelligence Prime Capital scam exist?

Let’s look at the facts:

1- They have lied about being registered

2- They have lied about their address

3- They have lied about being around since 2006, but have only been in existence since June 2021

4- Their CEO and COO are both paid actors and fake identities

5- They are offering unsustainable ROI of up to 45% per month.

If these anonymous people could actually come up with a way to make 45% per month on their own, why would they need you some random stranger online?

Why would they need Network Marketing?

**Update: Proof that Intelligence Prime Capital MT4 Trading Proof is==>> FAKE!

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