Project 79 Review – Legit 4 – 7% Monthly or Scam?

project 79 review

Is Project 79 a real legit way to make 4 to 7% Monthly on Autopilot or is this just a scam created by Hydro Whales Club appearing to be legit?

Let’s find out…

They claim to take the ‘Ponzi Scheme’ variable out of things.

Project 79 Affiliates Known For Pushing Scams:

The only problem with this claim is after doing a search on you tube for Project 79, a bunch of videos come up.

It appears that the guys on you tube telling people that this is NOT A PONZI seem to have a history of promoting scams…

project 79 affiliates

If you check their content you will see that they have promoted stuff that ‘already’ has collapsed and some stuff that is pretty sketchy (to say the least).

The website was privately registered on November 15, 2014 and then updated on November 9, 2020.

Traffic to project 79 started pouring in back in July 2022:

project 79 traffic stats

Project 79 The Company:

The good news is they have real people taking ownership and creation of this project:

project 79 founders hydro whales club

But the bad news is I can not verify their credentials outside of their LinkedIn Profiles.

  • The premise behind Project 79 is…
  • They buy gold directly from Mines
  • They import said gold from Africa to Dubai
  • Once they import it to Dubai, they market the price up 10% from what they bought it for based on the price of gold for that day
  • They sell it to refineries that in turn mark the price up again and then sell it to the banks
  • Claim they can make 4 – 7% every month from this strategy and pass along returns from crypto currency passive income enthusiasts for donating money

The problem?

There is zero proof that any of this is actually happening.

Project 79 Legal Registration:

One of the guys above Alexandros A seems to be a lawyer from Cyprus (Middle East) who specializes in LLC corporations.

He has signed a form claiming that he his law firm has done an internal audit on Project 79 and he claims it’s legit.

project 79 legal registration

The Problem?

Cyprus is a small country in the Middle East that is a very scam friendly jurisdiction.

They don’t seem to care about MLM Crypto Scams in Cyprus.

Project 79 Top Countries (Traffic Sources):

project 79 top countries

Project 79 and Hydro Whales Mining Club aren’t registered in any of these countries to offer a passive income opportunity (Securities).

They are not registered legally to offer Securities any where outside of Cyprus.

Project 79 Investment Plan:

The guys behind Hydro Whales Mining Club are calling all investments into this project a ‘Sacrifice’.

Cost to Join:

1- Free (for affiliates and network marketing distributors) but you can only earn referral income this way

2- $1,000 worth of USDC (for all passive investors) minimum

Project 79 Affiliate Program:

They do have an affiliate program but are not listing it on their main website for some reason.

This seems to be the norm nowadays with these types of systems hiding their affiliate program.


Does a Project 79 Scam exist?

Let’s look at the facts…

1- The guys promoting it have been known to promote many scams

2- There is no verifyable proof outside of LinkedIn to verify the expertise of Hydro Whales Mining Club guys

3- There is no proof that they have any deals with any Gold Companies or Banks

4- They are not legally registered anywhere outside of Cyprus to offer Securities

5- Unsustainable ROI

If these guys over at Hydro Whales Mining Club could come up with a way to make 4 to 7% monthly for themselves with Gold Bouillon, why would they need some random stranger like yourself?

More importantly…

Why would they need an MLM Comp Plan?

If they could actually make up to 11% monthly, all they would have to do is take out a huge investors loan and silently make Billions of dollars for themselves.

Once network marketing recruitment dries up, this scheme will collapse and most of the passive people will lose more than they ever gain.

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