Prosperity Gem Mining Review – Legit 2% Daily or Big Scam?

prosperity gem mining review

Is Prosperity Gem Mining a real mining facility or just some kind of network marketing deal set up to make owners quick profit by scamming you?

Let’s find out…

Prosperity Gem Mining The Company:

The website was privately registered and created on September 14, 2022.

There is absolutely no information about who owns or runs this mining investment system on their own website for what ever reason.

Some guy calling himself ‘Manny’ claims to be the guy behind this company through a marketing video.

Prosperity Gem Mining Owner: Anonymous

anonymous owners

Unfortunately just a first name (Manny) isn’t a lot to go by in the form of credibility.

Traffic started pouring into their website back in September:

prosperity gem mining traffic

**Important Note: Some times system owners change things ‘after’ I do a review. Manny might add more info to appear more legit later.

Prosperity Gem Mining Location or Proof of Mining Facilities:

Unfortunately they do not provide their location or proof that they have any Mining Facilities.

Licenses and Registration:

They are not legally registered with any Securities Regulator any where in the world to offer the Public a passive income opportunity.

Top Traffic Sources to Prosperity Gem Mining:

prosperity gem mining top traffic

Prosperity Gem Mining Affiliate Program:

Do they have one?

Yes they do but it’s not being advertised on their main website.

Hiding the MLM Comp plan seems to be a new trend with these types of passive investment systems lately.

Cost to Join?

1- Free for affiliates and distributors

2- An investment of BSC, TRX or Matic Crypto will be needed to take part with the passive income variable.


Does a prosperity gem mining scam exist?

Let’s look at the facts…

1- Anonymous guy owns system calling himself Manny

2- No proof of facilities

3- No proof of Mining

4- Not registered to offer Securities

5- Unsustainable ROI

If Manny could come up with a way to make 2% daily, why would they need some random stranger like you?

More importantly, why do they need a network marketing comp plan?

If Manny could actually come up with a way to make 2% daily or 60% per month through mining, most likely he would just take a big investors loan from the bank, buy more hardware and silently make Billions for himself.

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