Quopi AI, Are They About To Rug Pull? Some Accounts Closed!

quopi ai

Read this Quopi AI Rug Pull Update to find out the truth in regards to some members getting their accounts closed and why.

I reviewed Quopi and didn’t recommend them because they had too many red flags and I made the prediction that once network marketing recruitment dries up, they will collapse leaving the majority of passive income investors in deep losses.

Now things are starting to go downhill for Quopi AI…

Ed Zimbardi Accuses Quopi AI of Rug Pull:

quopi ai rugpull

Zimbardi the founder of Recently collapsed Crypto Program claims that he got his account closed and deposit held back.

It seems that he got his account trouble after what Quopi AI admins claim was related to ‘stacking accounts’ or ‘self’ referring.

According to Quopi AI Terms:

Prohibition of Multiple Accounts: Each user is permitted to create and maintain only one account on the Platform. The creation and use of multiple accounts by a single individual or entity is strictly prohibited. This policy is in place to ensure fairness, transparency, and security for all users on our platform, and avoid referral system abuse. Creating or using multiple accounts may result in immediate suspension or termination of all associated accounts, and will undisputedly be considered referral system abuse if the user with multiple accounts has registered accounts under their own downline. In such cases, any assets, balances, or rewards accumulated across multiple accounts may be frozen and the accounts in question closed.

I call BS!


Because Quopi Admins know very well some of their top promoters have ‘multiple’ accounts and they could care less.

One of their biggest promoters on You Tube recently admitted he has multiple accounts and that Quopi AI admins is aware of that.

So why pick on Zimbardi?

Only the Quopi Admins know the real truth.

Then it gets worse…

quopi ai closing accounts

Joe from the US claims he, family members and friends also got their accounts closed for some unknown reasons.

Then another member claims they lost their deposit and admins aren’t helping retrieve them.

quopi ai deposit missing

Real Reason why this is happening?

The main reason why any Ponzi Scheme collapses is when withdrawals start exceeding deposits and they start running out of money.

Most investors are wondering just how long this will last.

The Quopi AI Rug Pull has started.

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