Seletti AI, Are They Really Trading? New Review

seletti ai review

Seletti AI Affiliates Are Claiming that real trades are happening and taking place. Is any of this actually true?

Let’s find out…

I reviewed Seletti AI a little while back and didn’t recommend them because of all the blatant red flags that were in place.

From ‘unknown’ experts to unsustainable promised passive returns.

It all sounded way too good to be true.

According to them…

You can earn 0.5% to 1.16% DAILY and make big money without doing a thing.

Seletti AI Proof by Mike:

mike seletti ai trading claims real trading

In a recent marketing and promotional video, a guy named ‘Mike’ claims that it’s all 100% legit and real trading.

But is this really true?

I personally think that if these unknown experts really had trading (and could earn up to 1.16% daily for themselves) that they wouldn’t need a network marketing compensation plan.

Without an MLM Comp Plan (and scam-fluencers) to promote it, their earning potential would be dead in the water.

Once Network Marketing ‘recruitment’ dries up, passive investors will see Seletti AI collapse, rug pull and exit scam leaving the majority of investors in deep losses.

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