Send It Academy Review – Legit or Scam?

send it academy review

This used to be called Pay Per Letters but recently rebranded to Send It Academy because of negative reviews.

Is this legit or a big scam?

Let’s find out…

The domain ( was private registered on Jan 31, 2024 and is set to expire in 2025. They don’t have DDOS Protection enabled.

Send It Academy CEO:

The CEO is an online marketer and systems creator from Nevada named Dustin Mansell:

dustin mansell send it academy ceo

Top Countries in Traffic to Send It Academy:

send it academy top traffic

Send It History:

They used to call themselves Pay Per Letter but rebranded to Send it Academy because of negative reviews and attention.

In Pay Per Letter the idea was to get paid between $50 to $75 / hour by writing letters from home.

In reality they were teaching affiliates to write letters to casinos asking for $5 coupons that they could use to add credit online and hopefully win money.

However in reality you would have to factor in the time it would take to write letters and how much it would cost in postage stamps.

Last 28 Days Send It Academy Traffic:

send it academy website traffic

Send It Academy Start Up Costs:

$199 one time fee and then $25 monthly.

Send It Academy Affiliate Program (MLM Compensation Plan):

Affiliates earn $100 per paid member and then $5 monthly reoccurring for active downline members.

Residual commissions are paid out using a 3 X 10 Matrix.


It appears that Send It Academy is preying off people who want to earn money from home doing simple things like writing letters.

In reality it would be very hard for a person to write letters to casinos requesting $5 ad credits when you factor in the time it would take to write good letters and the cost to mail these letters out.

Then a person would have to be very lucky to actually win by gambling online.

Once network marketing recruitment dries up, Send It Academy will collapse and Mansell will launch another deal starting the process up all over again with a different idea.

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