Stable Fund 2 Review – Compound Interest or Refund?

stable fund 2 review

Stable Fund Anonymous Experts are back with a second version of their system. Should you take their refund or transfer your capital to version 2.0 and earn ‘compounded’ interest?

Let’s find out…

I reviewed Stable Fund back in late September.

I did not recommend them because they had too many red flags.

Red Flags:

1- Anonymous people own it and are hiding their identities

anonymous owners

2- No proof of their credentials or expertise

3- Not legally registered

4- No proof of how income is generated other than through network marketing promotion

5- Unsustainable ROI – No financial company in their right minds would offer 1.5% per day

Why did Stable Fund Collapse?

The ONLY revenue that can be seen coming into this platform is from ‘network marketing recruitment’ (hence all the helpful you tubers creating helpful content to ‘help’ you).

Traffic to was on the decline in the past few months.

When Network Marketing / Affiliate Marketing declines, withdrawal’s start exceeding deposits, this in turn triggers a collapse and the inability to pay out investors.

stable fund 2 problems

Some people told me that Stable Fund didn’t have an affiliate program.

But in truth it was ‘hidden’ from the main website.

They had an affiliate program and still do.

System owners usually pull the plug while some ‘savvy’ ones will try to pull most of their investor base into ‘second’ scheme and then entice them to ‘invest more’ later.

Stable Fund Refund:

Will investors of Stable Fund get a refund?

I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for a refund.

If the anonymous experts didn’t get ‘enough’ money to keep paying investors their promised earnings, I highly doubt they will find money to issue refunds.

And they surely won’t issue a refund out of their own pockets.

Any money being paid out has to come from ‘new’ investment and not from their personal gains.

Should You Join Stable Fund 2?

These anonymous people are most likely some crypto mom or pop who have a history of ‘network marketing’ experience.

They created Stable Fund to cash in on the masses interest into crypto and investing.

Now they are claiming that they are ‘Forex’ experts and will commence robbing gullible people out of their hard earned money in stable fund 2.

They are even promising ‘loyal’ followers even bigger rewards through compounded interest if people pass up their refunds.


If these anonymous experts could actually come up with a way to make 1.5% daily from Crypto or Forex Trading, why would they need you?

More importantly, why would they need so many affiliates / network marketing distributors pushing stable fund?

Once stable fund 2 launches (if they launch), and network marketing recruitment dries up again, this will trigger a collapse and second exit scam.

The majority of investors will end up losing way more than they ever gain (again).

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