Stable Swap Review – Not Registered With SEC PH!

stable swap review

Stable Swap and Top Juan Tech are NOT Registered Legally to offer an investment opportunity. Aside from that, how risky is this investment deal?

Let’s find out…

Stable Swap The Company:

There is absolutely no information about who owns or runs this company on their own website.

According to one of my viewers on youtube, a guy named ‘Danny D’ from the Philippines is one of the main guys behind this.

Who the heck is Danny D?

Who are his silent business partners?

anonymous crypto experts

Unfortunately Stable Swap is ran by ‘anonymous’ experts.

Stable Swap Investment Plans:

Investors exchange their fiat for crypto and then deposit into stable swap in hopes that they make some gains.

stable swap investment plans

They have 3 different plans:

Short Term – 0.1% a day for 60 days
Medium Term – 0.2% a day for 120 days
Long Term – 0.35% a day for 300 days

Stable Swap Removes Links From Website:

stable swap removes links for due diligence

What are they hiding information?

My guess would be for reviewers not to poke holes in their legitimacy.

Stable Swap Top Countries:

stable swap top countries

Stable Swap Traffic Declining (are they in the process of a slow collapse?):

stable swap traffic declining

Stable Swap Not Legally Registered:

In an attempt to appear legal and registered to entice investors…

top juan not regulated by sec

They claim that they are licensed through being associated with Top Juan Tech.

The problem with this is neither Stable Swap nor Top Juan are registered with the SEC in the Philippines:

stable swap not legally registered

Stable Swap The Conclusion:

I reviewed Stable Swap back in April on You Tube and did not recommend them.


Too many red flags:

1- Anonymous Experts

2- Unsustainable ROI

3- Being Promoted by Scam Promoters

4- No Proof of any transactions or fees being collected to pay investors

5- Not Registered in ‘ANY’ Country especially the Philippines where they seem to be run from.

Once Network Marketing Recruitment dries up, Stable Swap will collapse leaving the majority of investors losing more than they gain.

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