Hyperverse – Steve Wozniak Promotes and Endorses Hyperverse Scam


In a bid to take attention off mass failing withdrawals, Hyperverse releases Apple Co-founder footage of endorsement.

And it seems to be working.

Just 2 days ago, Hyperverse / Hyperfund scam founders Sam Lee and Ryan Xu hired Chuck Norris to give them a paid endorsement for $200.

Then yesterday one of my viewers mentioned that they also paid Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak to do an endorsement for Hyperverse / Hyperfund…


Further research shows that this was actually true…


It’s Steve Wozniak here, Apple co-founder.

And I’m here to support Steven and Hyperverse. Hmm, two Steves again?

Reimagine a virtual world open for exploration in any way you choose.

Be a galaxy pioneer. Go on intergalactic explorations. Collect exclusive in-world NFTs.

Can’t wait for the Hyperverse!

The ‘other’ Steve Woz is referring to is the fake paid actor CEO Steven Reece (who doesn’t exist outside of Hypertech Group of Shell Companies).


Apparently Steve gets paid $5,000 for a cameo endorsement / promo.

I am uncertain if he is hurting for money or his managers are just not doing their job of pre-screening their gigs.

I am going to go with the latter.

Obviously the Apple Co-founder isn’t hurting for money but it seems like he can be whored out quite easily for what is ‘chump change’ for him and his apple days based on a massive brain fart by this team.

So far, Chuck Norris has endorsed the Hyperverse / Hyperfund investement scam just 2 days ago and now Apple Co-founder.

Why is this happening?

Well one of my viewers claimed that it’s because of all recent ‘failed’ withdrawal attempts by the majority of passive investors.

Here’s proof as of Jan 2, 2021, investors are still having massive issues trying to withdraw their ‘too good to be true’ 0.5% daily promised ROI:


Hyperfund / Hyperverse Froze All Withdrawals Before Christmas Shopping:

In a bid to save the Hyperverse / Hyperfund ponzi scheme from collapsing, admins froze all withdrawals:


Recap: Most ‘Passive’ Investors Still Can’t Get Paid, but a chosen few (top MLM Promoters) are still getting ‘selective’ treatment and are receiving 100% of their ‘referral’ income.

Ponzi Schemes usually will keep paying their hard working affiliates to the bitter end because if they stop paying them, recruiters won’t bring in any more victims to the slaughter scam.

Passive Investors complain about not getting good customer support…


Another member was banned by moderators for asking questions…


And even more people still can not withdraw.

It seems like Hyperverse / Hyperfund has made it next to impossible for most people to get their promised ROI out.

It’s like jumping through hoops for some members…


For many Hyperverse / Hyperfund members, most believe they have been scammed…


On the ‘flip’ side, most of their desperate Network Marketers are over running Trust Pilot in Positive FAKE Reviews in hopes of keeping the platform going.

They understand that without ‘new investors / investment, Hyperverse will collapse and exit scam.


But this is like trying to fix a leaking boat!

The only reason Hyperverse changed it’s name in the first place from Hyperfund, is because Network Marketing ‘Recruitment’ started drying up after they got 6 Investor Fraud Warnings from Security Regulators.

Investor Fraud Warning alerts scare off new Investors.


When will Hyper scam finally collapse?

When all the ‘Recruitment’ of ‘Gullible’ people finally dries up.

But it appears that there still are some still out there:


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