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Novatech FX Fraud Warning BC – Investors Alert British Columbia

 Rory Singh  29 October 2022

This marks the 2nd Fraud Warning for novatech fx since August after Russia. Authorities warn the public that the high…

nugencoin fraud warning bc canada

NugenCoin Nugen Universe Fraud Warning BC Canada

 Rory Singh  30 August 2022

If Nugencoin / Nugen Universe gets any more of these fraud warnings (like this one from British Columbia) it can…


NovatechFX Fraud Warning Russia – Investors Alert!

 Rory Singh  11 August 2022

NovatechFX has received an investors alert from Russia warning the public to be careful and not to invest into this…

british columbia canada investors fraud warning intelligence prime capital

Intelligence Prime Capital Investors Fraud Warning Alert – BC Canada

 Rory Singh  2 February 2022

British Columbia Canada has given in Investors Fraud Warning Alert to the Public warning people not to invest into the…

tanya jennings cashfx

CashFX Top Australian Promoter’s Earnings Reveal It’s A Ponzi Scheme

 Rory Singh  20 January 2022

Top Aussie CashFX Recruiter Tanya Jennings Crosses over $300K video was tracked by a Scam Buster Rob Truckle Proving Recycled…


Zeniq Technologies (Safir International Zeniq Coin) Fraud Warning Dubai

 Rory Singh  19 December 2021

Zeniq Technologies is the parent company behind Zeniq Coin and Safir International and it is owned by Erwin Dokter. I…


Hyperverse UK Fraud Warning (Hyperfund) – Added To FCA Website

 Rory Singh  12 December 2021

Despite compliance attempts from Hyperverse / Hyperfund admins, they still managed to get the hyperverse.net domain added to the official…