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Intelligence Prime Capital Investors Fraud Warning Alert – BC Canada

 Rory Singh  2 February 2022

British Columbia Canada has given in Investors Fraud Warning Alert to the Public warning people not to invest into the…

Hyperverse Hyperfund Investors Fraud Warning Nepal – Jan 23 2022

 Rory Singh  28 January 2022  2 Comments on Hyperverse Hyperfund Investors Fraud Warning Nepal – Jan 23 2022

Hyperfund changed their name to Hyperverse in an attempt to dupe Security Regulators worldwide. But their horrible plan is not…


Intelligence Prime Capital Gets Investors Fraud Warning by Russia

 Rory Singh  14 January 2022

Intelligence Prime Capital is already in trouble with Russian Security Regulators despite they have only been around for 6 months….


Hyperverse – Promoter Gets Her UK Bank Account Frozen For Fraud

 Rory Singh  8 January 2022

Hyperverse MLM Ponzi Scheme promoter announced live on Facebook that her UK Bank Account was frozen for suspected Fraud. Apparently…


Zeniq Technologies (Safir International Zeniq Coin) Fraud Warning Dubai

 Rory Singh  19 December 2021

Zeniq Technologies is the parent company behind Zeniq Coin and Safir International and it is owned by Erwin Dokter. I…

Hyperverse / Hyperfund Big Withdrawal Problems Just Before Christmas

 Rory Singh  13 December 2021

Just yesterday I did an update on Hyperverse getting added to the UK Investors Fraud Warning list and now a…


Hyperverse UK Fraud Warning (Hyperfund) – Added To FCA Website

 Rory Singh  12 December 2021

Despite compliance attempts from Hyperverse / Hyperfund admins, they still managed to get the hyperverse.net domain added to the official…


Hyperfund Investors Fraud Warning – Bermuda Police

 Rory Singh  6 November 2021

This investors fraud warning and alert will make it the 6th against the Hyperfund Ponzi Scheme. Read this update before…


Hyperfund Fraud Warning New Zealand – Investors Alert

 Rory Singh  2 October 2021

I reviewed hyperfund a little while back. Even though all their affiliates and distributors claim it’s not an investment but…