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eric worre distances himself from omega pro

Eric Worre Distances Himself From Omega Pro Ponzi Scheme

 Rory Singh  25 November 2022  0 Comments on Eric Worre Distances Himself From Omega Pro Ponzi Scheme

As Omega Pro Collapses, Eric Worre The Network Marketing Pro does his best to distance himself from being known as…

dhf decentralized hedge fund collapses

DHF Decentralized Hedge fund Collapses – Huge Losses!

 Rory Singh  11 November 2022

Did DHF Decentralized Hedge Fund really experience issues with their AI’s primary exchange or did they just Rug Pull because…

optimus money review

Optimus Money Review – Legit 1% Daily or AI Bot Scam?

 Rory Singh  9 November 2022

Optimus Money claims to be a ‘decentralized’ algorithmic trading protocol built on the polygon block chain. In other words… It’s…


Antares Trade & Alcor Trade, Exit Scam Complete

 Rory Singh  18 October 2022

Both Antares Trade and Alcor Trade websites have gone off line for about two days now. The founder (Alex Richter…


Cryptoprohex Review – Legit 2.5% Daily ROI or Big Scam?

 Rory Singh  29 September 2022

In this review of Cryptoprohex and cryptoprohex.com, find out if you can really get up to 2.5% daily passive returns…


Quantum AI Elon Musk Review – Big Scam Targeting Canadians?

 Rory Singh  14 September 2022

Is Quantum AI even created by Elon Musk? Or is this just another scam created to steal your hard earned…


HeroFX Tech Trades Review – Legit 30% Weekly or Scam?

 Rory Singh  31 August 2022

Can you make good profit with Herofx and Tech Trades AI Bots or is this just another MLM Forex investment…

nugencoin fraud warning bc canada

NugenCoin Nugen Universe Fraud Warning BC Canada

 Rory Singh  30 August 2022

If Nugencoin / Nugen Universe gets any more of these fraud warnings (like this one from British Columbia) it can…