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Novatech LTD Fraud Warning Ontario Canada – OSC.ca

 Rory Singh  15 December 2022

Novatech LTD and Novatechfx have received their third Investors Fraud Warning from Securities Regulators in Canada. So far they have…

novatech fx fbi clearance audit

Novatech FBI Clears California Cease & Desist Order?

 Rory Singh  6 December 2022

Did the FBI Clear Novatech LLC and NovatechFX from the Cease and Desist Order by California? Or is this another…

novatech nigerian scammers

NovatechFX, Nigerian Scammers Slam BehindMLM With Fake Info

 Rory Singh  29 November 2022

Novatech News: Scammers from Nigeria who run one of the largest Facebook Groups called NovatechFx_Official Worldwide are trying to falsify…

novatech destroys legal evidence

NovatechFX Orders Affiliates To Destroy ALL Legal Evidence

 Rory Singh  29 November 2022

Following the aftermath of Cease & Desist Order from California, Novatechfx and Novatech LLC desperately orders affiliates to destroy investment…

novatech fx withdrawal problems

Novatech FX – Investor Withdrawal Problems and Deleted Accounts

 Rory Singh  16 November 2022

Some Novatech FX Investors have reported their accounts being deleted after requesting withdrawals. And others claim that they never received…

Novatech FX Fraud Warning BC – Investors Alert British Columbia

 Rory Singh  29 October 2022

This marks the 2nd Fraud Warning for novatech fx since August after Russia. Authorities warn the public that the high…


Novatech FX Headquarters Are A Virtual Office Address

 Rory Singh  26 October 2022

Novatech FX is being portrayed as some big investment company and Forex Brokerage Firm. However, they are not disclosing their…


Novatech Registration – Are They Legal or Not? | Novatech LTD

 Rory Singh  19 October 2022

Is Novatech, NovatechFX and Novatech LTD really registered legally with the Authorities (Securities Regulators)? Let’s find out… There seems to…