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novatech nigerian scammers

NovatechFX, Nigerian Scammers Slam BehindMLM With Fake Info

 Rory Singh  29 November 2022

Novatech News: Scammers from Nigeria who run one of the largest Facebook Groups called NovatechFx_Official Worldwide are trying to falsify…

omega pro collapses withdrawals disabled

OmegaPro Collapses – Withdrawal Problems – Starts Exit Scam

 Rory Singh  28 November 2022

OmegaPro Passive Investors have been complaining about not being able to withdraw their promised ROI for the past 3 weeks….

novatech fx withdrawal problems

Novatech FX – Investor Withdrawal Problems and Deleted Accounts

 Rory Singh  16 November 2022

Some Novatech FX Investors have reported their accounts being deleted after requesting withdrawals. And others claim that they never received…

dhf decentralized hedge fund collapses

DHF Decentralized Hedge fund Collapses – Huge Losses!

 Rory Singh  11 November 2022

Did DHF Decentralized Hedge Fund really experience issues with their AI’s primary exchange or did they just Rug Pull because…


TriumphFX Collapses – NOT Paying – tfxi.com | Exit Scam?

 Rory Singh  10 October 2022

TriumphFX passive investors are complaining that they have not been paid their promised returns (ROI) since August. A few decades…


Pegasus.cx Huge Withdrawal Problems! Did they collapse?

 Rory Singh  17 August 2022

Many members are reporting that they can not withdraw! Is Pegasus just about to do huge rug pull? Are they…

Hyperverse Review

Hyperverse – UK Man Loses $15K in Hyperfund Investment Scam

 Rory Singh  19 January 2022

A UK man lost $15,000 in the Hyperverse Ponzi Scheme and warns others not to invest their hard earned money….


CashFX Still Behind 12 Weeks In Payments Jan 2022 Deadline Missed!

 Rory Singh  2 January 2022

The CashFX ship may be finally sinking! There are way too many disgruntled investors who are reporting over 12 week…