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novatech nigerian scammers

NovatechFX, Nigerian Scammers Slam BehindMLM With Fake Info

 Rory Singh  29 November 2022

Novatech News: Scammers from Nigeria who run one of the largest Facebook Groups called NovatechFx_Official Worldwide are trying to falsify…

novatechfx novatech cease and desist order california

NovatechFX Cease and Desist Order California – Securities Fraud

 Rory Singh  26 November 2022

NovatechFX, Novatech has received its first cease and desist order from The United States of America by California Regulators. Does…

Novatech FX Fraud Warning BC – Investors Alert British Columbia

 Rory Singh  29 October 2022

This marks the 2nd Fraud Warning for novatech fx since August after Russia. Authorities warn the public that the high…


EnviFX Huge Investors Losses -70% | Will They Exit Scam Soon?

 Rory Singh  24 September 2022

Is EnviFX just about to collapse and exit scam on the great majority of their hopeful investor base? Let’s find…


HeroFX Tech Trades Review – Legit 30% Weekly or Scam?

 Rory Singh  31 August 2022

Can you make good profit with Herofx and Tech Trades AI Bots or is this just another MLM Forex investment…

nugencoin fraud warning bc canada

NugenCoin Nugen Universe Fraud Warning BC Canada

 Rory Singh  30 August 2022

If Nugencoin / Nugen Universe gets any more of these fraud warnings (like this one from British Columbia) it can…


Novatech COO Eddy Petion Desperately Deletes His Comments

 Rory Singh  24 August 2022

In my Novatech Review, I caught Eddy Petion (Co-founder of Novatechfx.com and past President of The AWS Mining Scam) trying…


Intelligence Prime Capital Gets Investors Fraud Warning by Russia

 Rory Singh  14 January 2022

Intelligence Prime Capital is already in trouble with Russian Security Regulators despite they have only been around for 6 months….


Igenius Review – Legit Passive Crypto AI Trader or Big Investment Scam?

 Rory Singh  6 January 2022

In this Igenius Review, find out if this is a real passive crypto income opportunity of just another MLM recruitment…