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novatech destroys legal evidence

NovatechFX Orders Affiliates To Destroy ALL Legal Evidence

 Rory Singh  29 November 2022

Following the aftermath of Cease & Desist Order from California, Novatechfx and Novatech LLC desperately orders affiliates to destroy investment…

omega pro collapses withdrawals disabled

OmegaPro Collapses – Withdrawal Problems – Starts Exit Scam

 Rory Singh  28 November 2022

OmegaPro Passive Investors have been complaining about not being able to withdraw their promised ROI for the past 3 weeks….


CashFX Payment Update September 5, 2022 | $10M In Zero Out!

 Rory Singh  6 September 2022

Cashfx is still getting between $8 – $10M ‘each and every’ month. Lots of money in but hardly anything out…

Hyperverse Review

Hyperverse – UK Man Loses $15K in Hyperfund Investment Scam

 Rory Singh  19 January 2022

A UK man lost $15,000 in the Hyperverse Ponzi Scheme and warns others not to invest their hard earned money….


ShynXL – Payment and Withdrawal Issues – Exit Scam Coming?

 Rory Singh  10 August 2021

Some disgruntled ShynXL investors are claiming that they have not been able to withdraw since May 31st, 2021. I reviewed…

Cashfx KYC

CashFX Implements KYC – Initiates Exit Scam Plan

 Rory Singh  4 August 2021

Is the CashFX KYC a good thing or bad thing for investors? Find out what they are really up to….