Torexo Finance Review – Legit 2% Daily ROI or Big Scam?


Torexo Review: Can you really make up to a 2% daily passive return on your investment or is this just another ponzi scheme set to scam you?

Let’s find out…

Type of System: HYIP / MLM / Passive Crypto

Torexo Finance The Company:

They seem to have two different websites ( and, both (aged) domains are privately registered and based on an domain who is search, were acquired mid 2021.

Their websites are also using cloudflare for DDOS Attack protection.

Torexo Finance Founder: Leonardo Santoro


Santoro claims to be from Italy, claims to have a decade of experience in Crypto Trading along with working in the banking industry.

The only issue I see about this is the fact that he has no digital foot print ‘outside’ of the Torexo websites to back up his credentials.

I first looked at Torexo back in June and was going to review it but didn’t because there I noticed that there were a lot of reviews on them already.

The only reason I am reviewing them today is because I was personally asked to do one personally from one of my own you tube viewers.

In June they were claiming…

The history of the Torexo company began in 2016 when Leonardo Santoro created a team of traders and trust management pool from several dozen clients.

Now as of today, for some reason they have changed their story and are claiming that they have only been in business since June 14, 2021.


Why is this happening?

Why did they change their story?

Most likely because other reviewers found some inconsistencies with Torexo Finance’s original claims of being in business since 2016.

The other reviewers made them look bad (footage of way back machine archives showing the aged domains being parked up to 2021 and then updated).

Torexo Finance Product Line:

They don’t have any retail able products or services.

The only thing their affiliates and network marketing distributors can market is their affiliate memberships directly.

Torexo Finance Compensation Plan and Investment Packages:


Investors deposit BTC, USDT and ETH (between $100 to $500K) for daily passive returns of 0.01 to 0.2%.

Torexo Finance pays out MLM Residuals using a Binary Matrix plan.

Referral Commissions:

Torexo pays out affiliates and network marketing distributors referral commissions (1 to 6%) using a uni level compensation plan and to a depth of 5 levels deep.

Cost To Join?

1- Free (for network marketers and affiliates) but can only earn ‘referral’ commissions

2- Investment of $100 to $500,000 (in BTC, Tether or ETH) for passive investors

Torexo Finance The Conclusion:

Does a Torexo Scam exist?

Well let’s look at the facts…

1- Founder (Leonardo Santoro) identity and experience can not be verified. This leads me to believe his identity is ‘made up’.

Recent similar systems offering the same type of rewards, comp plan and fake CEO (paid actors from Moscow) bosses were:

Rostex Global, Twindax, Teqra, Mirollex, Onward Capital and Impero Solutions (all of which ended in collapse and huge investor losses that were created by Russian Scammers).

2- No real proof of Trading Revenue (they are just making claims).

The only revenue that I can see going into this platform is from Network Marketing Recruitment.

3- No Securities Registration: Torexo has added 3 documents of incorporation for numbered companies in the Hong Kong (for legitimacy purposes).

Incorporation certificates are not a substitute for proper Securities Registration.

At the time of doing this review, they are not registered anywhere in the world to legally offer the public an Investment Opportunity.

4- Unsustainable ROI: No financial company would offer up to 2% daily passive returns on investment because they would go out of business real fast.

At the end of the day, if Leonardo and the anonymous owners behind this platform can make up to 2% daily, why would then need some random stranger like you?

Why would they need an Network Marketing Comp Plan?

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Author: Rory Singh