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uniqo finance review

Can you really make 1% daily passive returns with Crypto or if it’s just another scam pretending to be a real investment opportunity.

Let’s find out…

Uniqo Finance The Company:

Uniqo is set to launch later today at the time of this publication.

There is no information about who own or runs this system on their website uniqo.finance.

Uniqo Owners:

anonymous owners

The domain was created and privately registered using namecheap on July 16, 2022.

uniqo finance domain registration

A lot of scammers use namescheap domains.

According to Uniqo…

Uniqo is changing the landscape of DeFi, delivering solutions to strategically manage inflation and deflation, protecting investors while providing passive income. The financial revolution is here, and Uniqo is leading the way toward a stable future of collective wealth.

Unfortunately there is no evidence of any of this and no information in regards to the legitimacy of this system, its owners or their expertise regarding investing and crypto.

Top Countries to Uniqo website:

uniqo finance top traffic sources

Uniqo Finance Legal Registration:

They are not registered legally anywhere in the world to offer the public a passive income opportunity.

Traffic started pouring into Uniqo.finance back in September:

uniqo finance traffic

They are a defi platform that focuses on providing financial investors a yield in a deflationary environment.

In other words, they are hoping to cash in big time off the desperation of people who want to earn crypto really badly.

Cost to Join / Investment Packages:

1- Free (Network Marketers and Affiliates) but can only earn referral income

2- An investment into Uniqo Tokens will be necessary by passive crypto enthusiasts

Uniqo Promotion:

ponzi pimps

Most of the people promoting uniqo have a history of promoting scams like Wealth Mountain, Yieldnodes and Stablefund to name a few ponzis that already exit scammed.


Does a Uniqo Finance Scam exist?

Let’s look at the facts…

1- Anonymous people

2- No way to verify their credentials or expertise

3- Not registered with SEC or other Securities Regulators

4- No proof of revenue outside of Network Marketing Recruitment

5- Unsustainable ROI:

No financial company would ever promise 1% daily.

If the anonymous experts behind Uniqo could actually come up with way to make themselves 1% daily, why would they need random stranger online like yourself?

More importantly, why would they need network marketing?

Once network marketing collapses (or they fail to launch), this will trigger a collapse and the anonymous people will run off with the Lion’s share of invested crypto leaving the majority of investors in deep losses.

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