Viseming Collapses and Starts Their Exit Scam – Fake Dubai Investor?

I reviewed Viseming back in September.

I did not recommend this crypto currency investment system because of the ‘unsustainable’ returns they were promising but more importantly…

There is no proof of any ‘outside’ revenue other than Network Marketing Recruitment (the recruitment of new investors to pay the older ones).

Why do I not recommend passive MLM Crypto or even Forex Systems?

Well other than the fact that most don’t last very long, once network marketing recruitment dies down, this starves the platform of new funds causing a collapse which results in company owners not having the ability to continue paying their investors.

And when this starts, the owners (usually anonymous businessmen) come up with a cock and bull story to try and ‘buy’ time with their existing members.


Problems started arising for Viseming after they released a video (of a guy most likely a paid actor reading off of a script in a car and drive way) talking about the release of their new “VSM” Token.

When ever passive systems like Viseming start releasing their own tokens, this usually makes most investors angry because it’s an indicator that the company will end up paying out ROI in useless, worthless tokens.

To entice investors, they collect payment in legit value based Crypto and pay out in Crypto.

But once new funding dries up due to a lack of network marketing recruitment, they start paying out in their useless, worthless tokens.

Viseming’s VSM Tokens are an Exit Scam in itself.

An Alexa search proves that traffic to started to drop immensely around late October:


Around November 11th, their website went off line completely and in a bid to calm disgruntled investors, they issued this notice in their Facebook page…

Dear partners of VISEMING LTD
There is no need to worry about the payment of funds.
Previously, payments were made manually, on a first come, first served basis. The company is moving to a new level, the number of new partners is increasing significantly.

It is becoming more and more difficult for our specialists to comply with the given regulations, but despite this, the employees of the company have already paid 65% of the abandoned applications.
If your application is returned to your personal account, do not worry, within 72 hours our IT department will have finished working on a new system of automatic payments.

That will allow the withdrawal according to the regulations. Also, the new withdrawal system will allow monitoring each transaction, the slightest change in the address for withdrawing funds, which will completely protect our partners from third-party interference in their personal account.

We apologize for the temporary inconvenience, thank you for your understanding.

Then the Viseming ‘cock and bull’ story started:

Viseming came up with an idea of a ‘Dubai’ sheik investor who made a $15,000,000 to their company.

They went out of their way to make a drone video ‘appearing’ to fly over Dubai with Sheiks and body guards in tow:


One building even had a Viseming Logo ‘photoshopped’ into it.

Then there were big fancy cars with the lead car having fake Dubai plates to give the impression that the rich anonymous big tycoon investor is from Dubai.

Comments on all their videos are ‘turned off’.


To add insult to injury, the whole video is shot in

What’s happening now?

Viseming affiliates are claiming everything is 100% A Okay!

But in reality, their victims (mostly Algerians they recruited into the scheme) are still not able to withdraw.

Website is back online and the anonymous people in Georgia, The Ukraine or where ever they may be hiding out in Europe will milk as much as they can with this cow until the inevitable EXIT Scam.

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Author: Rory Singh