Warren Finance Review – Legit 2% Daily DEFI Project or Scam?

warren finance review

In this Review of Warren Finance, find out if you can earn up to 2% daily with crypto staking and bonds or if this is just another ponzi scheme.

Warren Finance The Company:

There is no information on their website about who owns or runs this crypto currency defi project.

The domain (warren.finance) was privately registered on:

warren finance domain registration


In their whitepaper, they list 3 admins telegram handles:

nomad warren finance admin
math warren finance admin
moonshot max warren finance admin

Traffic Stats:

waren finance website stats

Top Countries:

warren finance top countries in traffic

Warren Finance Investment Plans:

  • Cryptocurrency enthusiasts invest DAI Tokens for a daily promised 2% ROI
  • Cap of 175%
  • Passive investors can earn an additional 0.5% for compounding (reinvesting)
  • and an additional investment in DAI Tokens:
warren finance bonus rewards

At the time of this review, DAI Tokens are valued 1:1 on the US Dollar.

Warren Finance Affiliate Program (MLM Compensation Plan):

They are paying out ‘referral’ commissions using a Uni Level MLM Comp Plan that pays to a depth of 8 Levels deep:

warren finance mlm compensation plan

Affiliates and network marketing distributors can earn between 2.5% to 10% based on downline invested volume.


I don’t recommend them.


1- Using Warren Buffett’s look without his permission

2- Anonymous admins who are using telegram handles as their main business profile

3- Unsustainable ROI

4- Warren Token (MLM Token) = exchanging real DAI Tokens of value for useless worthless pump and dump tokens

5- Not Registered with Securities Regulators


If the three guys (nomad, Moonshot and Math) could actually create a ‘legit’ defi project that creates them up to 2% per day (and more), why would they need an MLM Comp Plan?

Once network marketing recruitment dries up, Warren Finance will collapse, rug pull and exit scam just like Drip Network leaving the majority of passive investors holding a big bag of useless Warren Tokens.

This concludes my Warren Finance Review.

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