Zeniq Technologies (Safir International Zeniq Coin) Fraud Warning Dubai


Zeniq Technologies is the parent company behind Zeniq Coin and Safir International and it is owned by Erwin Dokter.


I reviewed Safir International back in back in August and didn’t recommend it as an investment opportunity because it wasn’t set up legally or for the long term.

But many affiliates disagreed with my review and claimed that it is legit because they had a sheik from the Royal family in Dubai attend along with an ad for the ponzi scheme on The Burj Khalifa (worlds tallest building).


Crypto MLM Passive scam promoters love their ‘cock and bull’ stories!


But I maintained that just because a Royal Sheikh makes a silly mistake by endorsing an MLM Ponzi Scheme or the fact that the owners of the Burj Khalifa Tower don’t seem to care who they advertise just as long as they pay, doesn’t mean that Zeniq Coin or Safir International are legit.

And it seems that the Dubai Authorities agree with me

The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) wishes to clarify the regulatory status of a company operating in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

Zeniq Technologies Ltd (Zeniq Technologies)

On a number of websites, it is stated that Zeniq Technologies has “legal status” under the jurisdiction of the DIFC and is licensed by the DFSA.

DIFC is just where you go if you want to set up a business or incorporate a business in Dubai.

The DFSA informs you that Zeniq Technologies is not, and has never been, authorised by the DFSA to provide financial services in or from the DIFC.

The DFSA Regulates Securities in Dubai. The DIFC is as useless as a UK Incorporation in respects of Securities Registration.


Zeniq Technologies / Zeniq Coin and Safir International are not registered legally with the DFSA.

Dokter and his gang (along with the usual suspects of network marketing ponzi promoters) were just trying to give the impression that they were legit to ‘attract’ investors.

And once new investors start seeing Investor Fraud Warning Alerts (Zeniq Technologies managed to get one from the only place on the planet that loves scams), most will refrain from investing.

Safir International and Zeniq Technologies will get more fraud warning alerts from other regulators because history has shown that once a Ponzi Scheme gets one, more will follow.

But Safir International MLM Promoters will still claim that it’s 100% Legit…


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Author: Rory Singh