Zetbull Review – Legit 3.5% Daily or Big Scam?


In this Zetbull Review, find out if you can really make a 3.5% daily passive return or if this is just another investment scam to get you hard earned money.

Type of System: MLM / Passive Crypto / HYIP

Zetbull The Company:

There is no verifiable information on their website zetbull.com on who actually runs or owns this company.


Acting Founder: Guy claiming to be Jack Pierce in a rented office get up, employees in the background and they even have their names printed on coffee cups and other objects to give the impression of legitimacy.

Unfortunately their is no digital foot print on this person Jack Pierce outside of their website which would indicate that he is a ‘fictional’ character (most likely a paid actor pretending to be founder).

Marketing video is dubbed which would indicate that the fellow claiming to be Jack isn’t even speaking English.

The domain was privately registered on May 15, 2019 using namescheap.

Most of the traffic going into zetbull.com is coming from Egypt, Sudan and Algeria.

UK Incorporation Certificate: For registration purposes (and to seem more legit), Zetbull has a UK Incorporation Certificate on their website.

Unfortunately a UK Incorporation certificate is meaningless, unregulated and cheap to attain by scammers.

In order for Zetbull to be a legal financial opportunity, they must register with the UK Securities Regulator and after a quick search in UK FCA website, they are not registered to legally offer the public a passive investment opportunity.

Zetbull Product Line:

They have no retail able products or services.

The only thing their affiliates and network marketing distributors can market is their affiliate memberships directly.

Zetbull Compensation and Investment Plans:

2.1% daily term: 20 days
2.5% daily term: 35 days
3.5% daily term: 55 days

Total Promised Returns:
650% after 35 days
1500% after 55 days
3000% after 70 days
6500% after 100 days.

Referral Commissions:

Affiliates can earn referral income for convincing other to invest:

Zetbull uses a uni level mlm compensation plan and pays to a depth of 3 levels deep:

Level 1- 10%

Level 2- 2%

Level 3- 1%

Cost to Join Zetbull:

1- Free (for all network marketers and online affiliates) but can only earn referral commissions this way

2- Minimum investment of $100 and up (for passive investors)

Zetbull Conclusion:

Does a Zetbull Scam exist?

Let’s look at the facts…

1- Not Registered legally to offer the public a passive investment opportunity.

2- No info outside of zetbull website on the founder Jack Pierce which would indicate that there is no Jack Pierce but a paid actor playing main founder of the company.

3- No proof of any outside revenue like Trading to pay the passive investors.

4- No revenue outside of Network Marketing Recruitment (recruitment of new investors to pay the older ones).

5- Unsustainable ROI- No financial company would offer the public up to 3.5% daily and expect to stay in business for long.

If the anonymous people behind zetbull could actually come up with a way to get 3.5% daily, why would they need some random stranger like you?

Why would they need a Network Marketing Comp Plan?

My Prediction:

Once recruitment dies off, so will the Zetbull scheme.

And this will see the anonymous people behind the company run off with the Lion’s Share of the invested funds.

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Author: Rory Singh