The Conversion Pros Review, Are They Behind CashFX Scam?

The Conversion Pros Review

Were the Conversion Pros Guys behind the Cashfx Scam that stole Billions of dollars from Crypto and Forex Investors?

cashfx scam created by conversion pros

This doesn’t look good!

My Personal Experience With The Conversion Pros:

I joined the Conversion Pros about 5 years back because a person who I knew suggested it as a good system with a lot of great tools, training and income potential.

But after looking into it, I found that yes they indeed had great landing and lead capture pages designed for network and affiliate marketing.

I was told that I could use CP to build any online business.

They even had great training on lead generation.

But I decided to cancel my membership back then because I didn’t like the fact that all of their lead capture pages could only be used for The Conversion Pros and not for any other system.

I am uncertain if it’s still this way but what good is a lead capture system if you can’t use it for any other business outside of CP?

Conversion Pros The Company:

The website domain ( was privately registered on:

Created on 2015-10-01
Expires on 2024-10-01
Updated on 2023-09-01

It’s 2,945 days old

Traffic to

traffic to

Traffic seems to have declined sharply into September 2023.

Top Countries to

top countries to

The Conversion Pros are headed up by 3 main guys:

Ron Pope – President / Co-founder

conversion pros ron pope ceo

Pope calls himself President of Conversion Pros on Linkedin but has been seen being called the CEO in marketing videos online.

David Dubbs – Chief Marketing Officer

conversion pros david dubbs chief marketing officer

Dubbs made his name as top recruiters for many different MLM Companies in the past and is known for being very successful.

He currently is behind a system called “We Got Friends”.

Gal Ron – CEO

gal ron ceo the conversion pros

Gal Ron seems to have a list of founding collapsed systems from the past according to his bio above that seem to be connected to the Crypto World.

CashFX Scam:

Cashfx was an awful MLM Forex scam that milked Billions of dollars worth of Crypto from passive income enthusiasts over a few years.

And even though they received over 20 something fraud warnings from Securities Regulators, people still insisted on handing over their hard earned money.

It was referred to as “The Lifestyle Design Business”.

Investors were promised crazy returns from 200 to 400% ROI based off what they called ‘Expert Forex Trading’.

CFX was headed up by:

Husacar Lopez (CFX CEO / Founder):

husascar lopez cashfx ceo founder

This guys hasn’t been seen since 2021.

It has been reported that he was last seen in Dominican Republic.

Who really knows where Huascar is hiding out.

Cashfx Expert Master Traders:

cashfx expert traders

Lopez paraded a group of men who looked flashy on stage and he called them his team of Master Traders.

Then they got exposed as Taxi Cab drivers and Construction workers who were STILL at their day jobs.

How the heck could they be experts in trading?

However, CFX Victims still found this out and still handed over their hard earned money to these scammers.

According to Fintelegram

The Spanish regulator CNMV has issued an investor warning against Cash Forex Group a/k/a CFX a/k/a The CFX Group ( MLM scheme. The website is allegedly operated by The Conversion Pros, Inc., with an address in Panama. The CFX Group describes itself as a trading academy company combined with Forex on its LinkedIn page. There are 144 employees and more than 3,411 followers associated with CFX on LinkedIn. CFX does not have a license in any regulatory regime. Stay away from this MLM scheme!

The Conversion Pros, Inc. also operates an internet affiliate system on The company is registered in Nevada, United States. They evidently use their tools to operate MLM schemes like The CFX Group.

According to PonziPricks

Conversion Pros – The IT Company Behind The CashFX Ponzi Scheme

Under Ron Pope’s leadership, Conversion Pros built the website for CashFX Group, which is now a collapsing Ponzi scheme. Conversion Pros also handles all of the technical problems Cash Forex Group encounters. The main issue CFX members have now is their inability to receive payouts after making a withdrawal request. As the owner of Conversion Pros, Ron Pope has been responsible for the payment withdrawal issues plaguing CFX since early February 2021.

Here you can see Pope conducting a marketing video on CFX and calling himself CEO of The Conversion Pros and Co-Founder of CFX:

ron pope president and cofounder conversion pros

Not sure why he calls himself President of Conversion Pros above on Linkedin.

Then there’s Dubbs (guy who claims to love haters) in another CFX Marketing Video:

david dubbs conversion pros chief marketng officer

The Conversion Pros Review Conclusion:

I don’t recommend them.


In the past I thought they had great products and training but didn’t like the fact that you couldn’t use their marketing system for any business ‘outside’ CP.

But now I definitely don’t recommend them since they clearly seem to be behind the horrible CFX Scam that stole Billions of dollars from passive investors over a few years.

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