GSPartners & Novatech FX, Massachusetts Criminal Warning!

gspartners novatech fx ties to criminal activity massachusetts

GSPartners & Novatech FX have been deemed as Cryptocurrency Scams that have ties to Criminal Activity. Massachusetts GOV Warns Public Beware!

In a press release by Massachusetts Government…

GSPartners Novatech FX MA AG’s Office warn

Beware Cryptocurrency Scams.
Consumers should be wary of cryptocurrency scams. You have probably heard of cryptocurrency, a trendy new way of investing your money.

This means that no matter how appealing the offer is in respects to ROI from doing nothing, be careful!

But how safe are these investments, and how do you protect yourself from cryptocurrency fraud?

Basically these ‘investments’ are not safe and you can protect yourself by not investing into them.

Josip Heit of GSPartners purportedly has ties to the Croatian Mob.

joseph heit romanian mafia

GSPartners has been linked to money laundering, human trafficking, illegal weapons trade and investment scams.

GSPartners has since ‘rebranded’ into Billionico.

Novatech FX was responsible for stealing Millions of dollars from the hard working public.

novatech fx scam owners cynthia and eddy petion

Novatech FX Founders have been hiding ever since their Forex Brokerage Scam collapsed back in 2022.

Cynthia and husband Eddy Petion strung investors along for 3 years pretending they were members of clergy and used faith to dupe the public out of their hard earned money.

Both GSPartners and Novatech FX were heavily promoted by Network Marketing distributors worldwide.

At the end of the day…

It’s not worth getting into legal trouble trying to make $$$ with fake investments offerings that can’t be registered.

Who wants to go to jail for network marketing success?

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