Aladdin Bot Review – Earn 2% Daily or Scam?

aladdin bot review

In this Review, Aladdin Bot recently was operating using a different domain but for some reason had DNS issues. I suspect they got banned in the UK.

Can you earn a legit 2% daily ROI or is this just another investment scam?

Let’s find out…

Aladdin Bot The Company:

On their website, there is no information about who owns or runs this company.

This is the second domain since their launch back in September 2023.

Initially they were using ( which got into some DNS trouble and it’s still being blocked for some reason:

aladdin bot website down

There was another similar system called ITP Corp that had to run multiple domains because they got into trouble in the UK and kept getting their domains blocked by the authorities.

mark davis aladdin bot ceo

Davis was co-founder of big collapsed scam called PGI Global and worked hand in hand with a Philippines / American fellow named RV Palafox.

denise skeels aladdin bot cmo

Skeels was the International Marketing Director for the PGI Global Scam.

The Ruse behind this passive income opportunity is an AI Telegram Trading Bot:

aladdin bot ai telegram trader

According to them…

Telegram trading bot system that will bring the power of machine learning to the hands of our customers.

This state-of-the-art system uses AI-driven trade signals to execute automated trades on various Telegram trading bots to consistently yield outstanding results providing a significant edge in today’s competitive trading environment.

Sadly there is no proof of any of this.

Aladdin Bot AI Investment Plans:

Crypto Enthusiasts convert Fiat and exchange it for real Crypto. Then they buy into daily roi plans.

Jazzbot: Promise of 1.5% daily, minimum investment of $400

Autobot: 2% daily, minimum investment $2000

Liquidity bot: 2.5% daily, minimum investment $8000

Compound bot: 1.5% to 2.0% Compounded Daily, minimum investment of $2000

Aladdin Bot Affiliate Program (MLM Compensation Plan):

They are using a Uni Level MLM Comp Plan to that pays to a depth of 5 Levels deep:

Level 1 -8%
Level 2 -5%
Level 3 -3%
Level 4 -2%
Level 5 -1%


I don’t recommend them.


Too many red flags:

1- CEO and CMO were behind the PGI Global Scam that ripped off Millions of dollars from investors in the past

2- No Proof of AI Trading Bot

3- No Revenue ‘outside’ Network Marketing comp plan

4- Not Registered

5- Unsustainable ROI


If Davis, skeels and the gang could actually come up with a way to make 2.5% daily with an AI Trader, why would they need an MLM Comp Plan?

Once Network Marketing ‘Recruitment’ dries up (or their domain gets banned again) this will trigger a collapse and exit scam leaving the majority of passive investors in deep losses.

This concludes my Aladdin Bot AI Review.

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