Quopi AI Collapses, Blames DDOS Provider, Website Gone

quopi ai collapses

Quopi AI Collapses just 2 weeks before Christmas. There website is gone and they blame their DDOS provider for not protecting them.

Will they come back online and start releasing passive ROI to investors or have they officially rug pulled for ever?

Let’s find out.

I reviewed Quopi AI back in November and didn’t recommend them because of the red flags in place but what really worried me was their claim…

“Quopi AI Trades on the NYSE”.

That was the biggest tell tale that it was a scam since they also have an MLM Comp Plan In place.

Quopi AI Website Gone:

quopi ai collapses

Admins blame ddos provider but this is BS.

Ponzi Get In Early Mentality:

Quopi AI ponzi scheme lovers

Most Investors Will End Up In Losses:

quopi ai investor lost more than gained

The sad truth about crypto ponzi schemes is the fact that passive investors are guaranteed to lose more than they ever gain.

Most of the people investing in them don’t really invest much (80%) but there are new people online (20%) who will remortgage their homes, take out loans ECT.

Why Did Quopi AI Collapse?

As with Ponzi Schemes, since there was no trading happening, their revenue to pay out investors was solely based on network marketing ‘recruitment’.

That dried up.

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