Shaobank Gets Fraud Warning From Hong Kong SFC

shoa bank review

Hong Kong Securities Regulators warn public not to invest into Shaobanks’ fraudulent investment opportunity.

I reviewed Shaobank last fall and didn’t recommend them because they aren’t a bank and not even licensed legally to offer the public a passive return on their investments.

Shaobank Used Two Fake Addresses:

First they claimed that they were located at 1 Queen’s Road Central which is large office building that had zero banks named Shaobank there, they decided to claim a different address of 118 Queen’s Road Central in Hong Kong.

According to the SFC, Shaobank is not a registered financial entity and uses a fake address of 1 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong.

A whistle blower named Leo Wong even visited the 118 Queen’s Road address in question and claims that it’s a construction site:

BOTH addresses in question used by Shaobank are fake.

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