Novatech FX Update: Website Offline 02|07|24 Petions MIA?

novatech fx website offline

Have the Petions run off with all novatech fx loot? Have all investor funds been lost? Will they ever be able to withdraw again? Let’s find out…

Australian Investors Loses $200K:

I got a new comment just 6 hours ago from an Australian novatech investor who claimed that they are devastated after losing $200K (Australian dollars) and that the website couldn’t be found:

novatech fx Australian loses $200000

Even though this person lost Australian dollars, it still comes up to about $130,000 USD (based on conversion rates during time of this post).

After going to the website myself, this is the error I got:

novatech website can't be reached

This is basically just a SSL Certificate issue that can be easily fixed by Novatech FX Admins.

In truth, their website has experienced issues in the past and sometimes went offline. Another scam called cryptoption recently collapsed and blamed hackers.

It could definitely come back online soon.

However, I personally feel like that the Petions (Cynthia Petion and husband Eddy) have indeed run off with what ever was left over in deposited (and unclaimed) invested funds…

novatech fx scam owners cynthia and eddy petion

The funds ran low as network marketing ‘recruitment’ plummeted.

Will the passive investors ever get their deposited funds back from Novatech FX?

I highly doubt it.

Once the money is gone in a ponzi scheme, it’s pretty well game over.

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